The Show

Willard Twittsnoggle

Willard and Lukey

You know with a name like Twitsnoggle, it’s going to be funny!

Good ol‘ boy Willard loves “deer huntin’ and ice fishin’ and baggin’ ducks,” but somehow never quite “gits” it right.

Along with his cantankerous canine companion, Lukey, Willard is always a hit at corporate events and fairs, especially when there are lots of outdoorsmen and women in the audience.

Uncle Ernie


Everyone knows an Ernie, the Uncle you grew up with that just got more colorful with age.

Ernie’s the type of guy that holds hands with his wife Florence because “otherwise we’d fall over,” and eats lots and lots of Twinkies because “At my age, I need all the preservatives I can get!”

Perfect for any event, Ernie is always a favorite wherever James performs.

Audience Participation


“That was so funny when you got my boss up there, I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard!” That’s just one of the comments James has heard after he does his hilarious audience participation pieces.

Whether it’s bringing folks up to be rap singers, participate in a game show, or interact with one of James' characters, getting the crowd involved is always a huge hit.

Patrick McWiggins


Audiences of all types adore quick witted and wisecracking leprechaun Patrick, not only for his on-the-mark ad libs, but also his razor sharp repartee with audience members.

Perfect for children and grownups alike, Patrick has joined James at hundreds of corporate events, fairs, colleges and libraries across the country.

Luanda LaDouce


Sassy but classy, Luanda will sooth your soul with cool blues, and bring on the smiles with her flirtatious charm and tales of her ex-husbands.

She’s perfect for a wide variety of events, especially when there are lots of ladies in the crowd.

Danny Boy Slideshow


It’s the classic tale of love and betrayal: James’ first dummy, his boyhood best friend, leaves him for another ventriloquist!

Danny dumps James for Joe, a sleazy Hollywood type who entices Danny with tales of fame, fortune and . . . a makeover!

Narrated by James, the short but very fun slideshow adds a multi-media element to James program, and it’s always personalized with a photo of someone from your organization.

Fleetwood Bob


Having lost more than a few brain cells in the seventies, Fleetwood is James’ new sound man. But he‘s having a little trouble adjusting to working with a ventriloquist.

Fleetwood: “Dude, do you really make a livin’ talking to yourself with puppets?”
James: “Yes, I do.”
Fleetwood : “Intense! That mean you’re talkin’ for me right now man?”
James: “Yep.”
Fleetwood: “Whoa, I gotta go back to rehab.”

Most shows, Bob is behind the scenes, but when he does make an appearance, it’s always, like, "EXCELLENT DUDE!"

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