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3,000 Coffee Breaks by James Wedgwood

rosanne“It’s been about two weeks that I finished reading your book ‘3000 Coffee Breaks’ and I just want to say thank you for writing it! Your words brought a smile to my face in a time of great despair, it made me weep, and, yes, it made me not feel so isolated . . . I loved your book!”

Rosanne Martins | Author “Why Dream but to Make Your Dreams Come True: How to Find True Happiness”

In 2003 James was diagnosed with a mass on his left kidney. Two different urologists told him the chances were 95% that the mass was malignant. Having watched his best friend Randy pass of kidney cancer nine years earlier, James had a decision to make: Go the traditional route of surgery or do The Gerson Therapy, an alternative cancer therapy predicated on boosting the body’s own immune system with organic raw juices, a nontraditional vegetarian diet and intensive detoxification procedures.

3,000 “Coffee Breaks” chronicles his decision and the arduous, poignant, yet surprisingly humorous journey that followed. He wrote the book not only to share his unique story, but to help anyone struggling with the confusion, frustration and tsunami of emotions that define serious illness.

James is available for book talks about his two year experience, and to learn more about The Gerson Therapy, or obtain a copy of 3,000 “Coffee Breaks” visit Gerson.org.

howard“I REALLY like the book!
It was a pleasure to read.”

Howard Straus
Author “Dr. Max Gerson Healing the Hopeless” | Radio Host “The Power of Natural Healing”.

charlotte“We are now looking at James Wedgwood and his great book, 3000 “Coffee Breaks.” He aptly describes his deep thoughts and tribulations. These are extremely important for the present and/or future Gerson patient to understand, and could help many achieve their aim: recovery!”

Charlotte Gerson
Founder The Gerson Institute | Author “Healing the Gerson Way” | international speaker

zaida“I am Dr. Zaid Rivene at the Red Roan Ranch in Swellendam South Africa. We have a 53 acre ranch for treatment of cancer and chronic disease and we do the Gerson Therapy as our nutritional adjunct … We purchased a number of your book “3000 Coffee Breaks” and our patients love it. It is just great to understand the dedication it takes to do this journey.”

Dr. Zaida Rivene

anita“You are such an inspiration!! Charlotte says Gerson is not for the faint of heart and you are truly our hero. Bless you for writing the book to share your story and to empower others to assume responsibility for their health and their lives in general.”

Anita Wilson
Director The Gerson Institute

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